Where to get Help and Find Information

There are a number of different Studio Artist online information and help resources available to you.

Training Videos

TRAINING VIDEOS - We are continually adding to this collection of videos which also include special project videos.

Studio Artist Users Forum

The Studio Artist Users Forum is a complete social networking site available for Studio Artist users. It's a great place to ask Studio Artist related questions and receive answers from Synthetik Software as well as other expert Studio Artist users in the discussion forum. There's an extensive photo gallery of user artwork created in Studio Artist, as well as a user video gallery. New paint and effect presets from Synthetik Software and from other Studio Artist users are available for download from the forum. Tutorial posts on  wide range of Studio Artist topics are available in the Groups section. You can also construct your own personal home page and Studio Artist blog if you wish to.

Browsing through the user generated artwork on the user forum can give you ideas for creating your own Studio Artist effects. If you see a piece of user generated art you like, you can ask questions in the comments section about how they created that particular piece of art using Studio Artist. The discussion forum should be your primary destination for asking 'how to' questions about working with Studio Artist. Social networking with other Studio Artist users is a great information resource, as well as a great way to become a part of the Studio Artist community.

If you are reporting a bug or technical problem, please submit a request to the customer service area (as opposed to posting on the user forum discussion forum).

Studio Artist Tips

The Studio Artist Tips blog is an online information resource for Studio Artist 4. Tip posts discuss specific Studio Artist 4 features. You can search the information posts using keyword search, tags, or categories. There is a Getting Started page that provides links to common getting started questions. There's a How To page that provides answers to common 'how to' questions.

Studio Artist Effects Blog

The Studio Artist Effects blog contains a large number of Studio Artist effects and/or feature posts. Each effect or feature is explained in detail, and you can ask questions via the comments section for additional clarification.

The Effects blog is more focused on introducing you to new Studio Artist features, or explaining how to generate specific effects. The Tips blog is more of an online manual, so they are designed to be complimentary to each other.

User Guide

The Studio Artist User Guide pdf is a detailed reference manual that documents the different Studio Artist operation modes, the editable parameters associated with the different operation modes, and the menu command functionality. There’s an active link table of contents and index that you can use to navigate through the guide. You can access the User Guide from the help menu in the Studio Artist application. It resides inside of your main Studio Artist folder.


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