What to do if you mess up your workspace, How to get back to the Default Workspace

Sometimes while working you might accidentally mess up your Studio Artist workspace. Especially when you are just getting started and learning how to work with Studio Artist, this could potentially  be very confusing. So you might accidentally hide a palette, or otherwise modify the workspace, and then wonder how to get it back to the initial state it was in.

Fortunately, there is a very easy way to do this. So if you do find yourself getting into trouble, you can easily get out of it.

You can always use the Windows : Default Layout menu command to reset the workspace to exactly the way it was the very first time you ran Studio Artist.

 There are also some very useful tips available on line to help you learn more about the Studio Artist workspace. What it's features are, and how to re-configure it. It's designed to be very flexible, so that you can reconfigure it to suit your own personal workflow requirements.

Here are some tips on the workspace, all of it's different features, 

and how to go about reconfiguring it to suit your own personal needs. 

 There are also 4 workspace memories you can use to switch between different pre-configured workspaces on the fly when working.

So, you might setup one workspace for working with Paint Action Sequence (PASeqs), one for working with MSG, and another simplified one for just accessing presets and painting to minimize palettes and maximize usable canvas space.

Read the tips above, and then take advantage of personalizing your workspace memories for your own unique workflow requirements. You will be happy you did so.


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