Problems with loading source images

If you have a problem loading a source image into Studio Artist, there are a few things to check.

The first is that the image you are trying to open has a file extension associated with it. This is especially important on windows, because Studio Artist cannot tell what kind of file it is without a file extension.

The mac has some other ways to determine what a file type is, but only if the program that generated the image file is using older mac apis. So again, you should always name your image files with appropriate file extensions.

 There is also an issue with the way Studio Artist currently imports images files, where the file name and complete pathname associated with it needs to be all latin characters. This could be an issue for some of our European users (like Russia for example). The fix for this issue is to make sure that the complete pathname associated with the image is composed of latin letters only.

This issue is associated with the quicktime api calls used to import images. Hopefully we can address it in a future release, but it's something to be aware of right now.

Also, the image needs to be a file format that we support opening.

These include jpg, psd, tiff, sgi, tga, bmp, png for images, as well as mov for quicktime movie files.

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