Why does Path : Paint Paths: menu command not seem to paint my Bezier Paths?

The Path : Path Paths menu commands paint in the contents of the current Bezier Path Frame with the current Paint Synthesizer patch settings.


One thing to keep in mind is that the Bezier Paths might end up with pressure values of 0 if they are automatically generated. So then if your current Paint Synthesizer patch is setup so that Brush Size is modulated with path pressure, then you could potentially end up with a Brush Size of 0. And then any of the Path : Path Paths menu commands would not appear to be doing anything when you run them.

If this is happening, you can easily edit the current paint patch to turn off path pressure modulation of the brush size in the Brush Modulation control panel.


Change the Size Modulation from Path Pressure to None.

 Increasing the Min Size Range to be greater than 0 would be another way to debug and correct this kind of pressure modulation problem.

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