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Peter Swinson December 28, 2011 Get Help

Studio Artist 4.05 is the latest Studio Artist 4 release. We anticipate a free 4.06 update for all version 4 customers in late Oct 2013. We will email all version 4 customers when 4.06 becomes available, and it will be a free downloadable update.


The 4.06 build will fix issues discovered when running Studio Artist on mac OSX 10.9 Mavericks. Please submit a help request if you need access to the 4.06 beta that runs properly on Mavericks now.


Anyone running a version of Studio Artist 4 prior to 4.04 needs to update to 4.05, which they can do by contacting us to receive their application update. You can ask us here on the support desk, or you can email techsupport AT synthetik DOT com.


Studio Artist 4.05 runs on Apple computers running OSX 10.4 through the latest OSX 10.8 releases. Studio Artist 4.05 runs on windows computers running XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. We do know of someone running version 4 on an old windows 2000 system as well.


We did change the preset collection shipped with version 4 starting with the 4.04 updates. If you purchased Studio Artist 4 prior to version 4.04, and want access to the new Preset collection, we can email you a complete 4.05 folder install if you request it. You can also just download the free trial available at synthetik.com, and use that Preset folder, since it contains the same new Preset folder we ship with version 4.05. The 4.04 and 4.05 release Preset folder contents are essentially the same. 

Be aware that since this 4.05 Preset folder contains different presets than previous versions of Studio Artist 4, it might be missing presets you are used to using. And it would not contain any custom presets you made and saved in the Factory preset folder. So you might want to integrate the new preset collections into your existing Preset folder, as opposed to just replacing the old Preset folder with the newer one.

Here's a link to a tip that discusses version 4 preset folder organization.


There are also a series of video tutorials on working with presets available here



Studio Artist 3.05 is very old at this point in time, so if you are still running it or an earlier version you should consider upgrading to version 4. The new features,faster performance, and improved workspace make the upgrade more than worthwhile. Studio Artist 3.5 will not run on Apple's OSX 10.7 operating system. This is due to Apple dropping support for Rosetta emulation on this operating system, not a decision made by Synthetik Software.


If you are running a very old PPC mac, or the old classic operating system, you can contact us to get a copy of Studio Artist 3.5, which will work on those older operating systems and older computers. Modern computers run so much faster, if you can afford to, we highly suggest getting a more modern computer to run Studio Artist and other software on.


Sean Bryden December 09, 2011 Tips & Tricks

Download this video to see how to add detail to a painting.  If you want the eyes, mouth or nose or other details to sharpen you can use this easy technique.